My name is Clint Lenard, I’m from Orange County, California and I’m a Professional Web Developer …although I have much more experience in Marketing, which is my favorite subject these days. I currently own several online Businesses and I’m constantly sticking my knowledge and skills where they don’t belong, according to Investors of other companies. 😉

I’ve been involved in different aspects of the Web since around 1999, although I didn’t start learning anything about HTML until 2000. I started my first Website in 2000, but my first “community” oriented website was created in 2001, and was very successful, in my opinion.

I started digging deep into Affiliate Marketing as of 2007 and achieved some MAJOR goals by the end of 2014. Goals such as making $100,000.00 in a month, or more, and going upwards from there.

You’ve probably seen me on Websites such as Sitepoint.com, WZ2K.com, Digitalpoint Forums, phpfox Forums, Earners Forum, Wealthy Affiliate University, PHPBuilder.com, Dallasphp.org, WebmasterWorld or various other sites.