My name is Clint Lenard, I’m from Orange County, California and I’m a freelance Web Developer & affiliate marketer …although I have much more experience in Marketing, which is my favorite subject these days. I currently own several online Businesses and I’m constantly sticking my knowledge and skills where they don’t belong, according to Investors of other companies. 😉

I’ve been involved in different aspects of the Web since around 1999, although I didn’t start learning anything about HTML until 2000. I started my first Website in 2000, but my first “community” oriented website was created in 2001, and was very successful, in my opinion.

I started digging deep into Affiliate Marketing as of 2007 and achieved some MAJOR goals by the end of 2014. Goals such as making $100,000.00 in a month, or more, and going upwards from there.

You’ve probably seen me on Websites such as,, Digitalpoint Forums, phpfox Forums, Earners Forum, Wealthy Affiliate University,,, WebmasterWorld or various other sites.