Best affiliate marketing courses & guides on how to start affiliate marketing online business

Not all affiliate programs and marketing courses will make you money. Also, there are various ways to approach to affiliate marketing, including the way you send “traffic” to your partner merchant (whether it’s free or paid traffic that you buy). And whether you are marketing products to a tight “niche” or marketing a general product on a broader scale.

Read on to see if the following programs fit your style of learning, and can help you get started or enhance your success if you already started.
What is affiliate marketing?

In my own words, I think of Affiliate Marketing as having the ability to work for any company in the world, at any time you choose to. For instance… let’s say that you want to sell the new PlayStation 5 (launching soon) and make a commission for each sale.

First off, in the offline world, you would have to go get a job working for a company such as BestBuy or WalMart etc. Now, I’m not positive but I don’t believe most of these companies that sell this product actually pays a commission for each sale (I could be wrong, though).

Online, you can actually find quite a few places to sell this product from, as an Affiliate, and make money. But, the difference is that you do not have to be at work on time! I should also explain that you’re not stuck with 1 company.

You’re allowed to sell as many products as you want, from any company you want, granted you have signed up with an Affiliate Company that provides access to these companies AND you have been approved.

Affiliate Marketing uses what’s called “Affiliate Links” that have dynamic Affiliate ID’s (in most cases) that will actually place a cookie on the Users machine to Identify who you are (although not all companies use cookies, some use sessions, which aren’t very helpful if the user decides to come back and purchase later through a bookmark). These cookies have bits of information about the company, produce and your Affiliate ID.

This Affiliate ID is saved in the cookie for a set period of time (anywhere from a few hours to 30 years!), so if and when the person who clicked your link comes back and makes a purchase, the ID is saved into a Database transaction that proves it was YOUR link that they clicked and purchased from. Make sense?

So basically it works like this: You sign up for a Company such as Commission Junction and wait to get approved. Once approved (in most cases), you will be given access to apply to thousands of other companies, including many Brand Name Companies. When you’re approved for a Company, they will supply you with Banners, Links, etc. You can use your Affiliate Link for any Marketing Campaign you desire (Pay Per Click, Article Marketing, Email, etc).

List of Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2020

Whether you are just starting out with affiliate marketing and are looking for sources that will help you gain deeper understanding on affiliate marketers’ winning strategies, or just wish to up your game through self-improvement and gaining the right skillsets, this list of best affiliate marketing courses in 2020 might be helpful in finding the right-fit-course for you.

1. John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System

Review:- Super Affiliate System is John Crestani’s training course that dives deep into everything one should know about affiliate marketing using a system consisting of buyers, a website, and traffic, in order to absolutely dominate the platform and become professional in the field, making money with advertising networks (search & social media advertising).

The course seems “comprehensive” , yet has a quick-start approach to help guide the people who join the course start ASAP. It comes with pre-built sales funnels. However you should know, that you’ll have to invest extra money if you decide to start sending “paid traffic” to these funnels.

The good thing about his funnels system though is that they have worked well for other affiliate marketers making sales with them, and so you won’t have to reverse-engineer a lot of stuff.

So, it’s good for testing out the waters quickly, whether affiliate marketing is good for you or NOT, but remember it’s NOT a magic wand!

People have different results, and in some cases (while selling certain products), you might be facing competition with other affiliates selling same stuff.

With that said, with John Crestani’s course, during your twelve weeks of training and over fifty hours of course, you’ll gain knowledge, understanding and deep insight in all of the ways you can efficiently make more money through affiliate marketing.

This course is beginner-friendly and does not require any pre-knowledge on how to skyrocket your business using affiliate marketing. Firstly, you’ll be shown how to efficiently start and set up your website hosting and a domain name with a recommended host. John Crestani will then cover ways to use his pre-built funnels, before running paid ads.

John Crestani’s membership site covers in depth all about landing page templates, details of his business model, even the most efficient ways of setting the right goals with a winning entrepreneur mindset, as well as how to break psychological barriers.

The course offers an excellent and quite manageable monthly payment plan, which makes your training process more affordable.

2. ClickBank University

Clickbank is a well-known brand in affiliate marketing industry, and they are an affiliate network, themselves, wherein you meet potential affiliate partnerships with vendors.

They are so popular that lot of starters look forward to making money online with them. The products of their top vendors convert really well and sell. And their top affiliates make hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions, driving paid and free traffic to those products.

Review: Clickbank University is an excellent training program from Adam Horwitz, in partnership with the affiliate network, ClickBank that teaches you all about how affiliate marketing works, how your funnel coordinates with your email list, how to go about marketing your products and how to succeed by selling them from the Clickbank Marketplace.

The affiliate training module is an eight-week program guided by Adam Horwitz. The concepts of marketing work well beyond the realm of Clickbank, and should work with other affiliate networks too!

ClickBank University also has training courses that cater towards niche marketing and youtube & video marketing (wherein you can learn skills to use youtube to sell other’s products as an affiliate marketer).

During your first week of training, the CB university course focuses on affiliate profit plan, preparing you up for success, explaining the efficient ways of setting the right goals and mindsets that can help you achieve results.

Throughout your two following weeks, you’ll learn about affiliate marketing basics, navigating through the ClickBank Marketplace, researching and picking the perfect product in your niche, as well as finding your passions. Next, Adam will teach you all about traffic, affiliate funnel 101, building squeeze pages and implementing the right strategy to build a long-lasting business.

During your fifth and sixth weeks, you’ll gain insight in how to attract customers, outscore your content and offer bonuses.

Lastly, you’ll learn all about the email blueprint, toolkit traffic areas, using broadcasts, automating your emails for followup on potential sales and creating quality content and a great product. If this seems like something you would be interested in, perhaps you should give this course a try.

3. Affilorama

Review: Affilorama is a membership site that offers free and premium online courses that offers quality affiliate marketing training to new and intermediate affiliate marketers looking to improve their skillsets. Once you are a member, you’ll be able to access all videos on affiliate marketing as well as a vast range of other lessons and tutorials useful to entrepreneurs.

Affilorama offers three premium product packages. The first one, Pathway to Passive, highlights the importance of choosing the right products to promote and finding a profitable niche, as well as creating a website or blog with content that is engaging and interesting to your audience, at the same time targeting the right people.

Key Benefits of Affilorama’s Pathway to Passive

  • Find profitable affiliate products to sell: Discover how to find affiliate programs to promote, how to decide on your “niche”, and tricks to help you when the competition is tough.
  • Generate low-competition money-making content ideas: Stop wasting time creating content that will never make you money, and instead choose the right topics and keywords to attract people who are more likely to buy.
  • Effectively “monetise” your pages: Techniques to get customer to cross the finish line, learn how to construct funnel that naturally leads people towards a sale.
  • Attract more authoritative links: Learn how to find out what your audience really wants, and create content that people naturally want to share.

What Is Included in Affilorama’s Pathway to Passive

  • The full “Pathway to Passive” guide: A step-by-step blueprint for building passive profit content websites the right way.

Who Is It For?

  • Beginner affiliates who want a bird’s-eye-view of what it takes to create passive income generating affiliate websites.
  • Experienced affiliates who want an easy to understand system to improve existing sales, boost search engine rankings, and find new profitable keywords to target.

The second one, AffiloBlueprint, is a three-part training system excellent for beginners that teaches you how to properly research niches and build, market, monetize and effectively promote your website.

AffiloTools, being the third one, is a suite of premium online tools to help you manage and track website growth and get insight in detailed statistics.

Additionally, all members get help and support on their learning journey to building a profitable affiliate marketing business model and skyrocket their business from scratch using the right techniques.

This is perhaps the most affordable option to go for, as Affilorama has all kinds of useful features that are mostly free, offering some of additional courses that require fees.

4. Perpetual Income 365

​Review: Perpetual Income 365 ​is a program created by Shawn Josiah, ​from Singapore, to help those just starting out with affiliate marketing and learning about all the efficient ways of making money online, as well as generating income to eventually boost their business.

Shawn’s Perpetual Income 365 affiliate program is of high quality, being helpful, educational and beginner-friendly, making your learning process easier for you, while also focusing on email marketing and lead generation.

The program contains useful techniques that will guide you and teach you how to build an affiliate business from scratch and create successful passive profits.

Shawn Josiah included a lot of pre-written copies, including sales letters, emails and much more, built into the back end of the software, which will make things easier for you as you do not need to spend additional months learning how to become a professional copywriter in order for your business to flourish.

​​The work you do one time is going to pay off perpetually, or continuously and run on its own once you get things started. With all of the great features included in this course, as well as its fair refund policy and quite helpful Facebook groups created to enable you share your experiences and connect with other entrepreneurs, this course might be your perfect fit.

5. 12 Minute Affiliate

Review: 12 Minute Affiliate is a new, efficient affiliate marketing training program created by Devon Brown in order to teach you how to make money from home using affiliate marketing effective strategies and the right techniques. The 12 Minute Affiliate system is a plug and play system, which makes your learning and starting out process about affiliate marketing much easier for you.

Devon Brown shares two hours of solid content teaching his affiliate marketing strategies for making money online. The training program is especially great for those who are already familiar with the basics and are looking to improve their skillsets and develop winning mindsets.

Apart from the training itself, you’ll be provided with landing pages, which are equivalent to websites, when you join 12 Minute Affiliate. You get to choose from 3 niches and then connect your funnel page to your email autoresponder, or you can opt to pay a small fee to have that done for you.

Next, you will be provided with pre-written emails containing promotional products which have been pre-selected, which you can decide to import in your autoresponder to make your work easier.

If you are willing to make extra investment to send “paid traffic” to these landing pages, you should go for 12 Minute Affiliate as you are getting a plug and play system, besides the affiliate marketing training.


Affiliate Marketing has created MANY Millionaires online through different programs. As you go through Affiliate Marketing Sales pages for the newest hyped up books — you’ll hear the term “Super Affiliate”. These are Affiliates who have become Masters of their Niche Markets, or have become Master PPC Experts. Just be careful of whom you take advice from… there’s a lot of Junk peddlers online and a lot of them come from Clickbank, unfortunately.

Affiliate Marketing is not as hard as it sounds… but many people DO fail because they fail to take action. Sure, there’s been quite a few that take action and fail, but there’s a reason for everything and sometimes they dive right in with no directions.

There’s a lot to learn about this business, but hopefully the above mentioned courses can help guide you through the basics and help move you forward, towards a successful venture of your own.

You will see me recommend a few products, but these are products I highly recommend to get started, some are free, some are not. Take for example — Affilorama. I highly recommend this product because it’s comprehensive, yet to the point and helps the people willing to take action. This membership program has a great support system, excellent tools and terrific training resources.

I will not recommend many Marketing ebooks because most are NOT worth the price you pay for them. Some are, most are not.

There’s also a lot of tools that I don’t believe you NEED to pay for, which is why I will give a lot of links for FREE tools, such as the Google Keyword Tool, Google trends, etc.

The main thing you need to focus on is to

  1. Learn as much as you can, and then…
  2. Take action.
  3. Stay focused
  4. Be persistent and consistent.
  5. …Then the sales WILL start to roll in.

Disclosure: The above story contains affiliate links. If you chose to buy any product or service mentioned above, we may earn commissions.

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